Steam Mops And Floor Steamers For a Cleaner Floor

A floor steamer also known as a steam mop is the ideal cleaning tool for hard surface floors such as hardwood, stone, tiles and vinyl within your home or office area. Ensuring your floors are clean and free of dirt, grime, bacteria and germs is much easier now with the use of a floor steamer. This is a huge advantage if you have pets and young children that like to play on floor, wouldn’t you prefer to know that your floor is ultra clean and free of any harmful properties?

Bissell Floor Steamers

Bissell Steam Mops

Haan Floor Steamers

Haan Steam Mops

Sienna Floor Steamers

Sienna Steam Mops

With the advances in technology it was only a matter of time before the humble mop acquired some kind of innovation and that change came in the form of steam. This not only made the mop a more powerful cleaner but also made it more hygienic as there is no need to re-use a bucket of dirty water to clean your floors. Other advantages that the steam mop has over the traditional mop is that they are less damaging to your flooring surface as there are no chemicals or cleaning fluids used. The steam evaporates resulting in your floor drying almost instantly so there is no more waiting around or drying the floor after mopping.

Steam mops are quite similar to traditional mops only they consist of a small water tank that usually heats up to the correct temperature very quickly though different versions will have varying heating times. The head consists of throw away, replaceable pads or cloths ensuring each time you clean your floors it will be like using a new mop. Because they use steam they need to be plugged in to the mains, this is the only disadvantage as there is a cord attached to the unit. Apart from the cord they are easier to use than a traditional mop because there is no water bucket to drag around with you making them more user friendly for the elderly and infirm.

There are many different brands and models on the market to choose from, a few of the available brands include Bissell, Haan, Sienna, Hoover, Shark and Dirt Devil. These floor steamers are available offline in local department stores such as Wallmart and online from many of the shopping sites such as Amazon and Ebay. Choosing the correct floor steamer for you can be tricky when there are so many brands and models available, first you must keep within your budget and shop around for reviews to find the perfect model for your cleaning requirements.

Make your hard surface floor cleaning easier and more hygienic with the use of a steam mop and have peace of mind that your floor is super clean and free of any bacteria, germs, dirt and grime and also chemical free for extra safety for your family. Don’t settle for the old mop and bucket, you don’t have to any more with the superior cleaning power of a floor steamer.